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The core of our business lies in the construction of unbeatable quality buildings for both residential and commercial use.
Led by our quest for innovation steeped in a mission to deliver affordable luxury, we provide excellent building construction, road and infrastructure services, bespoke building services as well as large scale joint ventures.

Property Management

We deliver commercial and residential real estate/ property management services to individuals and businesses seeking to lease, sell, or buy properties.
Our aim with every project is to optimise the value of real estate for the client by meeting their investment objectives.

Facility Management

One of the most tedious problems encountered in buildings is the lack of systematized management and efficient maintenance.
We ensure top-notch, productive service by overseeing, positioning and managing the maintenance of buildings, infrastructure and other procurement needs.

Interior Design

We provide innovative unique ideas and custom-made services curated to satisfy our clients from design conception to execution.
The Lima Castle interior design team delivers a unique blend of modern and traditional styles and concepts for both private and commercial properties, which confirms our dedication to reflect the client’s lifestyle.

Smart Home Automation Systems

Imagine walking through your front door and the light comes on automatically with your favourite music playing at the background, or getting a notification because it’s raining and you’ve left a window open. These and more mind-blowing features are all possible with the latest smart home technology installed efficiently in every Lima Castle home and building.